The Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Let the People See Private Medical Clinic (Yushu)
Empower Monks as Medics (Drigung)
Tibetan Textile Revival (Lhasa)
Save the Tibetan Tiger Rug Initiative (Lhasa)
Himalayan Health Soap Handicraft Project (Drigung)
Let the People See Eye Camp 2010 (Yushu)

New Zealand Embassy

Tibet Children's Initiative (Lhasa)
Let the People See Eye Camp 2010 (General)

Royal Netherlands Embassy

Tibetan Turquoise Jewelery Revival (Lhasa)
Drigung Cultural Center (Drigung)

Irish Embassy

Tashigang Monastery Medical Clinic (Nyethang)
Yushu Monastery Medical Clinic (Yushu)

British Embassy

Trigong Micro Finance (Drigung)
Nomadic Yoghurt Program (Trigong)